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A Talk with a god
Friends, Enemies, and Other People
Lady Leniesa
Lady Adeline
Lady Devin
The Birth of the Compass
The story of our Meeting
Lady Elesi


Queen's Palace, Tourakimea, Sarain

Several years after Queen Thayet and King Jonathan III took the throne, they helped restore peace in Sarain. Bayani, a Kmir cousin of Thayets, was put on the throne. She is surrounded by a court of mixed Kmir and Sarainians. Her most trusted and noble courtier though, is Lady Analiese, a Kmir.

Lady Analiese married a Tortallian by the name of Jaket. Five years after their daughter Devin was born, she was given a noble title by Queen Bayani.

Devin joined the Shang a few months before she and her family were made noble. She did not quit the Shang however. Devin excelled quickly at all of her Shang training, and soon was far ahead of the other children. That was because she had been schooled for as long as she could remember in the Kmir ways.

She has two siblings. Her older brother, Erican, (Eric) is fifteen. Her younger sister, Pandara, is ten. Pandara is a very powerful mage already, almost brimming over with her midnight blue gift. Both her siblings took to life at court.

Devin occasionally spends time at home in Sarain, but usually not for long. Like most Shang, she is restless, and moves from place to place.

Devins full name is Devin Analiese Jaktsa jin Tourakimea.

Devin is age thirteen. It is not very common, but occasionally a child will be given a full rank on their thirteenth birthday. Devin will be given the rank of Panther because she moves with a slow, noble grace that makes her deadly in battle. She can come out of no-where, and is far above her fellow students at the use of weapons since she has been schooled and practiced in them since she was a little one, as is the Kmir custom. Children do not receive ranks, but every now and then a thirteen year old is given a rank. This shows that they are a fully grown Shang. It is a great honor, saying that her training is accomplished. Of course, she will still train, and is called the Panther Cub. But when she is sixteen she will be recognized as a fully grown Panther.

Devin has a very mild Gift which is colored green. She likes to keep it secret however, as the Gift is frowned upon in the Shang. Some of her training masters know, however, so she is being sent to Mithros Academy for a week to have it honed some.

As part of her training she travels all over the world, learning through experience. She has been in many, many battles that were won without the aid of weapons. However, she is skilled at riding, archery, swordsmanship, and is one of the best knife fighters in Tortall. She learned from the countrys spymaster himself.

Since her mother is one of Queen Bayanis most trusted and closest friends, Devin was named the heir to Sarains throne. She is engaged to Prince Jasson of Tortall, and most likely will be wed at sixteen. When Bayani has passed on, Devin will take the throne as Queen, and Jasson as king. That is, unless Bayani has children before then. She has none at the current time

Devin also has the amazing ability of Mentalism. That means she is able to read the minds of all those around her, with the exception of god-blessed people.