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A Talk with a God

A Talk with a god
Friends, Enemies, and Other People
Lady Leniesa
Lady Adeline
Lady Devin
The Birth of the Compass
The story of our Meeting
Lady Elesi

As Told by Devin Jaketsa

Devin Jaketsa jin Tourakimea, Shang Panther, Princess of Sarain

Dear diary,
Elesi, Adi, Niesa and I have all decided that anymore time in Corus will drive us absolutely mad. That is why we have decided to go to Ra’Mont. Jasson and I were going to go on a vacation later in the year to celebrate our betrothal. It was planned for the mountains, and Ra’Mont is such a lovely location. Leniesa gave her consent, and Thayet sent maids and servants and such ahead to clean up the castle. However, we have decided a change of plans was needed. Yesterday afternoon, right after we decided this, I went looking for Jasson. We’re not going to tell anyone where we are going, but we have decided to tell Jasson and Patrik. Anyway, I found Jasson in the practice courts (where else? He and I practically live there), but he was with two other boys. I immediately recognized Patrik, but the other boy was unfamiliar.
“Hi Jasson, hi Patrik” I said as I walked up to them. Jasson looked up and grinned, and Patrik returned my greeting.
“Devin, this is Connor of Thames Path” Jasson said. I politely shook hands with him as I assessed him. So this was Connor. I had heard lots about him- he, Patrik and Jasson were best friends. Practically inseparable. However, I had never seen Connor before. He was cute though. I turned my attention back to Jasson.
“Niesa, Adi, Elesi and I are going to Ra’Mont for awhile. Get out of the city, you know. Anyway, we’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t tell anyone” I looked at Patrik.
“I’m sure Leniesa will find you later” I said to him, smiling. Jasson pulled me aside for a minute, just inside the barn where the other two couldn’t see us.
“I’ll miss you” he said after kissing me. I smiled at him.
“I will too” I gave him a hug before we walked out of the barn. As we approached Connor and Patrik, I could hear them making fun of us.
“Oh, Jasson, I love you!” Patrik said in a high, squeaky voice. Connor dropped on one knee, grabbed Patrik’s hand, and said in an overly deep voice “Really? Devin, I feel like I’m falling when I look at your eyes.” Patrik squealed, and then the two hugged each other dramatically while making kissing noises. I laughed, to cover up my embarrassment, and Jasson blushed and shoved them.
“Come on, bug off” he said to them, still blushing.
“It was nice to meet you Connor” I said. Then I quickly kissed Jasson on the cheek and walked away. I could hear Connor and Patrik professing their undying love for each other all the way out of the practice court.

The next morning the three of us woke up before dawn. We had packed our bags last night, so all we had to do was grab a quick breakfast and move out.
We were in the stables, munching on some bread and cheese before we left, when Patrik and a very tired looking Jasson. He yawned every two minutes and his hair was all messy and out of place. Patrik (although his hair was messy from sleep) was wide awake. A few minutes later, I had hugged Jasson good bye, and he was waiting by the door for Patrik. He and Leniesa were over by her horse by themselves. I saw him say say goodbye, and I thought he was going to turn around and leave, but he didn’t. Instead, he stiffly leaned over and kissed Niesa on the cheek. Then his face turned a bright red and he practically ran out of the barn. I saw Jasson grin evilly and smack him on the back as they walked down the hill back toward the palace. Niesa was standing with her mouth open, gingerly touching her cheek. Of course, for the rest of the day she had to put up with us teasing her.

We made a quick pace, and reached Ra’Mont around quarter to two. The difference between the way it looked now and the way it looked the last time I saw it was incredible. It looked just like the old Ra’Mont, lively, and bustling with motion. We were greeted warmly by the servants, though they were surprised to see us there. Leniesa quickly explained to them and gave them orders, which they hurried to carry out. It just now dawned on me that she was the Lady of the fief.
We made ourselves comfortable in one of the sitting rooms and were eagerly discussing what Numair had said the other night. Elesi looked glum.
“I wish Will were still here” she said. Niesa nodded.
“Yeah, she would know about Wieryn and Wild Magic and such. She had loads of it in her family. I mean, who better to ask about Wieryn than his great granddaughter!” she said. Elesi agreed. I was completely puzzled, and Adi looked like she barely knew more than me.
“What? Who’s Will-“, I stopped suddenly and threw up arms up to shield my eyes. A bright, golden light appeared in the room, making us all cover our eyes. The light died away to reveal a tall figure. He was tall and tan, with golden brown skin. He wore only a loin cloth, but the most startling thing about his person was the pair of grand antlers that sprouted from his scalp. Immediately I stood up, placed my hands on my palms and bowed. The god laughed.
“Ah, little panther, that is exactly what you did last time. Now, rise. I need to talk to you girls” the four of us looked at each other. This had to be Wieryn. He sat himself down in a chair, looking extremely comfortable and at ease.
“You girls have had your powers for a long time now- and you haven’t even figured them out. I gave them to you for a reason. Now get a move on!” he said. The four of us looked bewildered. Wieryn sighed.
“Your lockets give you the power to change into different animals” he said, as though stating the obvious. Our eyes went wide. He sighed again, as though exasperated.
“I see that isn’t going to be enough” as though thinking on the fly, he stood up and walked towards all of us. Taking a breath, he blew gently across all of our faces. I could feel a strange feeling in my mind, like a door being opened.
What is he DOING? Said a voice in my mind. But it wasn’t my own. It…I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt like Adi’s voice in my head. I looked around, but she hadn’t said anything. All of a sudden Wieryn clucked his tongue.
“No, no Devin, that won’t do” he said. All of a sudden I felt…blankness emanating off of my three friends. Wieryn sat down again and looked at me.
“You, my dear, have a very unique gift. It’ll come in handy too. However, for friendship’s sake, I’ve blocked you from you’re friends. Now, knowing you, you will abuse this power like no other, but you will fin that in the future it will come greatly in need” he said, smiling at me. I was completely bewildered by what he was saying. Weiryn turned his antlered head towards Leniesa.
"So, Leniesa. I have heard that you have been ignoring the Gift you have been given."
"No, I'm not ignoring it, I'm rejecting it," Leniesa replied hotly.
"There is always a reason for Gifts given. Use yours."
"What if I don't want to?" she said. I have to admit it: she sounded like a brat.
"There will come a time when you will need it. Remember that." Even Leniesa's face appeared thoughtful as she considered this somewhat dire foretelling. Weiryn, ignoring the still that had been aroused by his words, turned his attention back to the rest of us.
“My dear Adeline. You now have a lovely Gift. I have studied you, and realized that you have a disadvantage to your friends here. They have been taught, and are skilled with weapons. You, however, are useless in a battle. Therefore, I have given you a means of escape” he nodded knowingly before turning to Elesi.
“Now, my little smart aleck, I have no exceptional Gift for you. It seems you are powerful enough. Besides, you already have a big enough head. Instead I have just increased your earlier powers. I think you will find it useful.” He sat back and beamed at all of us.
“Now, as for changing shape. Simply hold your lockets and concentrate. You will find it easier than you think. Now, any questions?” all of our faces were absolutely blank.
“Actually, quite a lot. First off” I began, but I never got to finish. Wieryn cut me off.
“So sorry dears. I’m afraid I must run. Remember, treat these well.” We all blinked and he was gone.

We were left in silence. Adi was the first one to speak. Well, she didn’t really speak. More like she screamed. We looked up, and her chair was empty. Looking around, we found her sitting in the chair Wieryn had previously occupied.
“What is it?” Elesi asked, unsure of what was wrong. Adi screamed.
“I was in my chair one moment, thinking about this chair, and then, I was HERE! I blinked, and I was here! I didn’t walk over here!” she cried, looking confused and scared. We all looked around, completely unsure of what to do. Elesi was the first one to catch on.
“Adi,” she said in a soothing voice. “Adi, calm down. Now, think very hard, and concentrate on the chair next to me” Adi nodded, and we could all see her face straining as she tried to concentrate. And then one moment she was in the chair and the next she was sitting next to Elesi. She shrieked again as she appeared. I jumped up, excited.
“Adi! Adi! You can teleport! Weiryn gave you the ability to teleport!” I said. Elesi nodded eagerly, and Leniesa stared in awe.
“That is so cool!” she exclaimed. For the next hour or so Adi practiced teleporting. She had it down pretty well, but she still emitted a small squeak when she arrived somewhere new.
Good heavens! What are those girls doing? There was a shrill voice in my mind. I looked around the room.
“Who said that?” I asked. Everyone stared at me.
I must tell the Lady Ra’Mont that all the yelling is scaring the servants. The same voice echoed through my mind.
“There! That! Who said it?” I asked again. Elesi looked at me like I was crazy.
“Said what?” she asked me cautiously. I heard the same voice in my mind again. Someone was outside the door, preparing to knock.
“Come in!” I yelled before there was even a noise.
“Devin, no one is there” Elesi said. A second later the door opened and the old house keep came in. Elesi was so surprised that she accidentally sent a nearby candlestick flying at the woman.
Great Mithros! The voice came again. With a sudden understanding, I understood what was going on. Niesa hurried over to the woman, who was nursing her hand. It looked like it had been cut.
“Oh, ma’m, I am SO sorry” Elesi said, hurrying over. I watched as Niesa gingerly touched the woman’s cut, and then pulled back her hand as though she had been burnt. There was no longer any sign of a cut. Niesa had somehow healed it with her touch. I looked at the woman, eager to be rid of her.
“I’m sorry, but would you excuse us?” The woman looked confused, but curtsied and left. I waited until I could hear her thoughts coming from down the hall before I turned back to everyone.
“I know what’s going on!” I said eagerly. They looked at me, hoping for the explanation.
“Wieryn gave us all extra powers. Very rare, special powers. Guys, I can hear people’s thoughts! That was what I was hearing! That woman’s thoughts! And Niesa, you can heal! And Adi can teleport!” I explained, rushing to get the words out. Elesi was jumping up and down.
“Devin, you’re right! And he gave me a stronger Gift. Normally I wouldn’t be able to just send a candle stick flying across a room just because I was startled!” she said. Then she suddenly became quiet, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.
“I think we should try shape shifting” she said softly. We all agreed immediately, and after Leniesa told the servants not to disturb us, we all gathered around in a circle. Taking deep, excited breaths, we all clutched our necklaces and concentrated. It didn’t work out too well. We kept looking around to see if anything happened to anyone else.
“Maybe we should close our eyes?” We all agreed that this was a good idea, and clamped our eyes shut. I took deep, even breaths, clearing my mind. All of a sudden I felt my body shifting. My clothes fell away to be replaced by soft fur. I sunk down onto all fours, and my hand became so heavy that it could no longer hold the locket. When I opened my eyes, it came as a shock when my colours where different. I could see no green or reds, and yellow stood out prominently. Stretching out my long, graceful neck, I looked behind me, and was surprised to see power, strong, black hind legs. It was then that realization hit me. I was a panther! I looked around, and saw sitting before me a large, grey dog. She blinked at me with bright yellow eyes.
‘Elesi?’ I asked hesitantly. She wagged her tail.
‘Devin? You’re a panther!’ she said excitedly.
‘You’re a dog!’ I replied. I then searched the room for Niesa and Adi. In Adi’s place was a very confused looking red fox. Next to her was an amazing falcon. Elesi and Adi got up and jumped around each other, wagging their tails. Niesa stretched her wings out and tentatively jumping into the air. Seconds later she was soaring around the room.

I am too tired to continue on with the rest of the day. We all experimented greatly with our new powers and abilities. We also found that we can change into different animals than what we originally morphed into. We are restricted to only animals in out categories: for me only a wild cat, Elesi is domestic dogs, Adi has wild dogs, and Niesa can turn into birds of prey. We’ve been experimenting with our other powers, and we discovered that Adi can teleport almost a mile outside of the castle. And I’ve been listening in on servants, and if I strain myself, I can sense thoughts from all the way across the castle. I am so excited! However, I am also very tired, so I am going to go to bed.