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Friends, Enemies, and Other People
A Talk with a god
Friends, Enemies, and Other People
Lady Leniesa
Lady Adeline
Lady Devin
The Birth of the Compass
The story of our Meeting
Lady Elesi


Callista = her name means "most beautiful," and that description really fits Callista, a very pretty girl with honey-blonde curls and striking, blue-grey eyes. She lived in Tussaine for a few years and then returned with her family to Tortall, where she attended Mithros Academy. She, as a Sighted student, shared a dorm with Elesi of Trelath. They became close friends. Callista eventually became very close friends with Stephen of Touralousse.

Prince Jasson of Conte = the youngest son of King Jonathan III, this regally handsome image of his father is the betrothed of Princess Devin, the heir of Sarain. Poised, talented, and absolutely charming, Jasson is a wonderful ruler, friend, and future husband.

Patrik of Queenscove = a dear friend of Jasson's, Patrik is the brother of the honored Sir Nealan of Queenscove. A handsome boy, he's training to be a knight at the royal palace. Patrik a fun-loving, daring person with a softer, gentler side that Leniesa is starting to uncover.

Connor of Thames' Path = another dear friend of Jasson's, Connor, too, is training to become a knight with Patrik and Prince Jasson. Orphaned by a fire at age ten, Connor's younger siblings live with his grandparents. He is brave, resourceful, kind, and unafraid to put his life on the line to save others.

Thom of Trebond *deceased* = Thom, a deeply-beloved, dashing young mage-in-training, was the last and youngest of his brothers. The others, Coram and Gareth, both died recently. Thom, along with Elesi of Trelath, his betrothed, was attacked by bandits. They were rescued, but Thom later died of wounds.

Stephen of Touralousse = a best friend of Elesi and Thom, Stephen became romantically involved with Leniesa of Ra'mont. She found reason to distrust him and the two drifted apart - or, rather, they sort of ... exploded apart. As it turned out, Stephen never was disloyal to Leniesa, but they decided it was best if they didn't stay together. Stephen and Callista are very close friends.

*Jeremy of Queens Reach - cousin of Patrik's and friend of Adi's. But is he more than that?

Pippa Striker - a small girl with a voice as loud as the Rider commander, Sarge, Pippa works in the Rider's Stables. She is a friend of Devin's and all Riders alike.

Garan Harren - a Shang commoner, Garan has been Devin's friend for ages. Garan is a great sport and wonderful friend. But when their friendship turns into just a bit more, Devin feels uncomfortable.

Princess Lianne of Conte - this spunky girl isn't your average princess. With her father's dark hair and blue eyes, she resembles her brother, Jasson, in many ways. She's also Leniesa and Elesi's cousin. Even though she recently turned fifteen, she and Elesi get along extremely well. They're, in a way, like sisters - as if Elesi hasn't enough of them.

King Jonathan III of Conte - King of Tortall. He is the indirect uncle of Leniesa and Elesi and Devin's father-in-law to be.

Queen Thayet - Called "The Peerless," Queen Thayet is a beautiful, commanding woman. But these four girls know her differently. She is Devin's mother-in-law to be and Leniesa and Elesi's distant aunt (how distant, we won't say).

Master Numair Salmalin - a Black Robe Mage, he is a good friend of King Jonathan and is eager to help the four girls understand their new Gifts, especially Leniesa, whose Killing Gift gives her trouble. He acts as a sort of father figure to Devin, and the two get on greatly.

NOTE:*Not yet introduced/not yet announced/Feif may change.

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